Siberian high

anticiclón de Siberia

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  • Siberian High — The Siberian High is a massive collection of cold or very cold dry air that accumulates on the Eurasian terrain for much of the year. It reaches its greatest size and strength in the winter, when the air temperature near the center of the high… …   Wikipedia

  • Siberian high — Meteorol. the prevailing high pressure system over Asia in winter. * * * …   Universalium

  • Siberian high — Meteorol. the prevailing high pressure system over Asia in winter …   Useful english dictionary

  • Siberian Express — is a shorthand meteorological term in the United States describing the arrival of an extremely cold air mass of Arctic origins. It does not necessarily refer to an origin in Siberia. The term is most commonly employed by the news media when such… …   Wikipedia

  • Siberian anticyclone — ▪ meteorology also called  Siberian high,         a semipermanent system of high atmospheric pressure centred in northeastern Siberia during the colder half of the year. The anticyclone forms because of the intense cooling of the surface layers… …   Universalium

  • High pressure area — A high pressure area (also called a high or high pressure) is a region where the atmospheric pressure is greater than surrounding areas. In the northern hemisphere high pressure areas move clockwise, whereas they move counter clockwise in the… …   Wikipedia

  • Siberian (cat) — Siberian Alternative names Neva Masquerade Moscow Semi longhair[1] Origin …   Wikipedia

  • Siberian tiger — Conservation status Endangered ( …   Wikipedia

  • Siberian natural resources — refers to resources which are located in the North Asian Mainland Russian Siberia. This region is rich in resources which include coal, oil and metal ores. Energy sourcesCoalThere were important coal producing fields in Chelyabinsk, where… …   Wikipedia

  • Siberian separatism — Siberian separatism, or oblastnichestvo (Russian: областничество), is a political movement to form an autonomous or independent Siberian polity. It originated in the mid 19th century and reached a high tide with the military activities of… …   Wikipedia

  • Siberian Musk Deer — Moschus moschiferus Conservation status …   Wikipedia

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